The following paintings were made with the use only of the computer mouse and not with a real brush and paint. Some were made only on MS Excel or on MS Paint and some were made through a combination of both.

All it takes is some imagination and patience. No special skill or training will be necessary as long as you know how to use your mouse.

You can start with MS Excel's auto shapes which you use in creating boxes, circles or lines on your worksheet. Combine the shapes and play with colors and you get a simple painting. Then you may copy your painting created on Excel and paste it on MS Paint to create more effects by using it's spray paint or eraser. Or you may simply create a paintingdirect on MS Paint.

Find My Doggie

My House

Little Boy

Just started with a blank mind over the blank canvass of MS
Paint. Really no idea with what will be created tonight. I decided
to use MS Paint's pencil tool instead of my favorite spray tool.

Then, I remembered teaching my godson, Frank Edward, two weeks
ago, of how to draw a boy's face on the sheet of paper we used as a
place mat for our dinner plate. It was the face of the little boy we were
taught to draw in kindergarten. And just like teaching him again
as promised, I started to doodle small circle, small circle, big circle,
big circle, and bigger circle.

As if ashamed of drawing like a small child again, I scribbled
the pencil tool on the face and all over the drawing area but
found the face still discernible that I got the idea to just color it
instead. The result is truly like the work of a child. . . . I smiled to
myself. . . .

Just Flowers

This time, these flowers were painted with no mouse but only
with a finger on the touchpad of my notebook PC. Didn't actually
know I could do it on a touchpad but I just tried. Also got no idea
what to paint, but then, something just got created from a few spray
dots and lines on MS Paint. It looked like a flower on its stem. Only
one such thing was created, the rest were just products of cut-and-paste.
Thus, the painting was finished in less than five mintues.

snow rock

Drawn using only MS Paint.